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Welcome to Dr. Shock's Psychology Office's Official Web Page!

Below, you can learn about Dr. Shock, What he does, His certifications and his qualifications to be a Psychologist.

Dr. Shock and Dr. Lightning Asscociates, Best in Psychology and Psychiatry.

Certifications and Qualifications 

Dr. Shock has Passed Inter-Dimensional University with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Quantum Physics. He has gone to Medical School and has Passed all classes. He is qualified in Expert Psychology. He has earned an official PhD in Inter-Dimensional therapy and Psychology.

Featured In... 

The Dimensional Times as one of the Dimensions top Doctors


Dr. Shock (CEO, Co-Founder)
Dr. Lightning (Co-Founder, Business Associate)
Dr. Jonah (CTO, Co-Founder, Business Associate)
Dr. Thunder (Dr. Shock's Assistant)
Dr. Bend (Dr. Jonah's Assisstant)
Dr. Cloud (Chief Consultant, Clowd's Counselor)
Mrs. Thunder, RN (Nurse)
Dr. Who, RN (Nurse)
Mr. Thatouli (Intern)

Client Reviews 

I hate him. But he gives me great Psychology Exercises.

-- Clowd  --Best Client  -- Three Star Rating

I don't know how how I live without him

-- Mrs. Johnson  -- Five Star Rating

Why am I writing this review? I don't even know the guy and I'm not a client. Why am I here anyways?

-- Lord Z  -- Unrated

Contact Employees

Email Dr. Shock at drshock@doctor.com

Email Dr. Jonah at jonah.randomlegacy@execs.com

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