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Follow @jonaharagon on twitter for important updates regarding Random Legacy, Just look for the following hash tags [2] [3]: #randomlegacy #drshock #4thdimensionredalert . Make Sure that posts were posted by @jonaharagon, not someone else.

The Official News Twitter Page is Open at @OfficialRLNews Check back Here and/or at @jonaharagon for More Info (Remember to look for the hash tag #randomlegacy)
Follow @rldrshock For Updates about his Psychology Business and his Troubles with Clowd.
Random Legacy USA Offices is now at @RandomLegacyUSA. Check here for United States related Updates, News and USA Only Information.
Follow @4druler For Updates about Lord D and the 4th Dimension (Look for #randomlegacy and #4thdimensionredalert)

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