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the TOP SECRET INFO PAGE (Page Secured So No Bad Guys See This Page).

The Top Secret Info Page is a secret page containing inter-dimensional secrets. Mostly containing bad guy plans, whereabouts and more. This page is used by the good guys to ensure inter-dimensional peace. To the right is the FULL "About Me" story for Lord X as well as some others that may or may not mentioned in the About Them page. Below the dashed line is all the information about bad guy whereabouts and plans as well as some sneak peek info about the good guys.

Lord D, The Full Profile 

From the About Them page: The all Powerful Ruler of the Dimensions. His Arch nemesis is the Black King. They fight endlessly until one wins the battle...but Not The War. Lord D was born in the 4th dimension and always wanted to fight evil, now he got his wish. But is fighting Black King more than he bargained for?

The Full Story: All of the above is True, but there's so much more than that.

CENSORED BY THE INTER-DIMENSIONAL POLICE - Protocol : 567-32:If an article is a threat to Inter-Dimensional peace and/or is a threat to Inter-Dimensional Security It May Be Censored By The IDP (Protocol 2 and 3 not Passed)

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Massive door found Protecting the 101th Dimension!

the farthest any explorer has ever travelled before record has just been beaten by RL's own Jeff and Shad. The amazing exploration was abruptly stopped by a massive door.

"we fired our strongest artillery at it but the door didn't budge." says Jeff.

the door is still a mystery and is to be investigated.

In another unrelated article:

Top Intelligence Experts have found that untrue articles have been floating around the Top Secret Info Page and we could Not Verify the True Stories from the False. Our agents have Confirmed the following stories: This Story, Lord X, The Full Profile, 4th Dimension Conditions, Inter-Galactic Police Protocol Numbers, Lord D, The Full Profile, Dr. Shock, The Full Profile, and Condition Codes. All stories not Mentioned here may or may not be false but our Top Agents are working to Find who has been putting these stories on here and are working to verify the true stories from the false. Thank you for your Time.


Lord X, The Full Profile

Lord X is A super secret double agent for the good guys while being a (not) double agent for the bad guys. He is constantly feeding the good guys information about top secret plans while feeding the bad guys bad info about the good guys to waste their time. He usually spies on the Black King which is why he got a Job in his Lair.

Dr. Shock, The Full Profile


From the About Them page: The psychologist for Clowd. He has a really good job (besides the constant shocks from Clowd) because he can make the psychology office give him lots of benefits and raises because he threatens to quit and nobody wants that because nobody wants to help Clowd (because of the shocks). But is there more to his Story?

The Full Story: All of the above is True, but there's so much more. Dr. Shock gets info from Clowd about Bad Guy whereabouts and Plans. Because Clowd is officially classified as a Bad Guy, others tell him their plans, and even if it's not much of it, every little bit counts. Dr. Shock get the plans out of him by telling him it's a Psychology Exercise (Which is partly true in ways that will not be explained in any way whatsoever in this page).

Whereabouts of the Bad Guys Updated Every 24 Hours

Current Locations (Present to 24 Hours Ago)

The Black King - 11th dimension

Lord X - (Remember, Not Really A Bad Guy But Pretending To Be) - shadow clone production lab

Lord Z - cowering in a corner crying about defeat

Lord Custard - TV room

Dr. Nefario - 7th dimension

Rogue Cubic Killer #0101 - (Leader) - RCK Lounge

Rogue Cubic Killer #0102 - (Chief of Guards) -RCK Lounge (Along with RCK #0201, #0202, and #0203)

Rogue Cubic Killer #0301 - (General) -6th dimension

Rogue Cubic Killer #0401 - (Special Ops Leader) - 6th dimension

Clowd -51st dimension

--No More Current Locations--

Old Locations (24+ Hours Ago, May be Outdated)

--History Locations Deleted--

About Them II (Random Legacy Characters) 


Coming Soon




Coming Soon

Lord Custard

See the About Them page and look for "Lord Custard"

More Coming Soon!

Inter-Galactic Police Protocol Numbers

Protocol 567-32 - If an article is a threat to Inter-Dimensional peace or is a threat to Inter-Dimensional Security It May Be Censored (the CENSOR) By The IDP

Protocol 567-32 Section B - This Protocol May Be Bypassed If all of the below policies are true: 1. This is an Official Random Legacy Article and Is Secure, 2. Consent was given by the person the Article is about, 3. Consent was given by a Random Legacy Supervisor (Jonah, David, etc. etc.) If all of the above are reached, the CENSOR may be bypassed.

Protocol 267-94 -

CENSORED BY THE INTER-DIMENSIONAL POLICE - Protocol : 567-32 (Protocol 3 Not Passed)

4th Dimension Conditions 

CAPITOL: Code Blue

UPTOWN DIMENSIA: Code Green, Everything's OK!

DOWNTOWN DIMENSIA: Code Green, Everything's OK!




SPACE WHALE BREEDING AREAS: Code Green, Everything's OK!

Bad Guy Plans Updated When we Get New Plans

Confirmed Plans

Corrupted Lord's plans

sending all evil forces to the 5th dimension

code ultra red

Clowd's Plans

Finding his Supercell father

code yellow


Black King's Plans

attacking 11th dimension What we'll do: send five defense squads to evacuate civilians and help fight

Danger Classification - Code red

INTEL: The Black King's Thermo Proton cannon is attacking Genarel Jackalope's Military from behind his ray shield

Rogue Cubic Killers

no current plans


Dr. Nefario

Attacking 7th dimension with the ultra proton water cannon- What we'll do: help

 Danger Classification - Code red

Lord Z

no current plans except crying

Lord Custard Plans

Watching TV 

Danger Classification:  - Code red

Platybat's Plans

no current plans

Suspected Plans


Rogue Cubic Killer Identification Numbers

RCK ID Numbers (Prefix - First Two Digits)

#01** - Regular RCKs

#02** - Guards RCKs

#03** - Army RCKs

#04** - Special Operations RCKs

#05** - Covert Operations RCKs

#06** - Technology RCKs

RCK ID Numbers (Suffix - Last Two Digits)

#**01 - Leader RCKs

#**99 - Best of Force (#03**, #04** and #05** Prefixes Only)

#**02-#**98 - Others

Condition Codes 

OK! - Everything's OK

Code Blue - OK for Now, Stay Alert

Code Yellow - [SHIPS - Life Support Issue In Deck] [LAND - Danger! Stay Alert]

Code Orange - Lockdown! Danger Imminent

Code Red - [SHIPS - Evacuate Ships Now! {Under Attack} or {Fatal Life Support Issue in All Decks} ] [LAND - Danger! We are in War! Activate All Available Force Fields, Lockdown Procedure 4-08]

Code Ultra Red - The black king is truely here. A compleatly real Code that all dimensions use except the fourth dimension who apperently think its "made up" ,think of it this way, take everything that is mentioned for code red, and multiply it by two.

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